Felicity reading compilation video

KL - father to Felicity, and Founder of BrillKids

How Little Reader came about

The idea for Little Reader was born from my own experience of teaching my daughter Felicity to read as a baby.

I started teaching her to read on a regular basis when she was 9 months old. My wife and I personally tried everything out there – flash cards, homemade books, DVDs, PowerPoint slideshows… and a prototype computer program that would become Little Reader.

To this day, people often still find it difficult to believe that she was reading as early as 12 months of age (until I show them videos of her doing so), and even more difficult to believe that I was often the one having to stop the lessons despite her protests for more.

By age two and a half, Felicity was reading independently. Today, at age five, she continues to amaze us all with her voracious appetite for books.

While the process of teaching Felicity was an enjoyable and fulfilling one, it was also frustrating at times. Preparing her lessons took huge amounts of commitment, time and money. Personalizing the content to suit her needs and interests was also difficult, if not impossible. I knew there had to be a better way.

Little Reader is designed to be that way. As a parent who taught his baby, I can tell you that Little Reader is exactly what I would have wanted when I was teaching my baby to read.